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chabot space and science center

At Chabot Space & Science Center, the universe is yours to experience. Set amid 13 trail-laced acres of East Bay parkland, with glorious views of San Francisco Bay and the Oakland foothills, Chabot is a hands-on celebration of sights, sounds, and sensations.

Okay, we borrowed that description from the Chabot website. We'll be using the Ask Jeeves Planetarium (they put in a whole new planetarium projector, just for us), the Pleideas Courtyard, and the telescopes out back.

There is a free parking garage available at the Chabot.

When you arrive for the ceremony, the planetarium will be closed for the day, so you shouldn't have to wade through throngs of astronimcally inclined visitors. The ceremony will be in the planetarium, which is straight ahead and to the right, as you come through the front door.

The reception will be outdoors, and this is the San Francisco Bay Area. We're hoping for warm, balmy weather (and we deserve it after such a rainy spring!), and we've rented some heaters. All the same, it would be wise to bring along a sweater or jacket. We'd much rather have a warm and comfortable crowd than a fashionably goose-bumpy crowd.